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Brick-Kiln Worker Kept in Illegal Police Detention, Released after Social Media Campaign

A brick-kiln worker was released on Sunday after being kept in illegal detention by police in Khanewal as he reportedly refused to work on a lower than market rate.

His release was made possible by Farooq Tariq – spokesperson of Awami Workers Party (AWP) – who raised the issue on social media and shared the facts behind his arrest with the people, which triggered a public reaction.

He said Mehr Muhammad Farhad was arrested by Khanewal Saddar SHO Mehr Muhammad Riaz over his refusal to work for below the market rate. Farhad remained in detention without any charge or FIR as he was arrested at the behest of a brick-kiln owner, he added.

The SHO had acted in clear violation of the Bonded Labour Abolition Act 1992, Farooq said.

He shared the SHO’s phone number, asking the people to either call or send SMS to ensure the release of Farhad.

Later, Farooq thanked all those who raised their voice against the police excesses and played a role in exerting pressure to ensure the release of an innocent worker.


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