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Chinese Husbands Running Brothels In Lahore: Two Girls Married To Them Reveal

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Two Pakistani girls who were to leave for China after marrying Chinese nationals revealed that their husbands were running brothels in Lahore on the pretext of marriage bureau.

Samina and Tasawur Bibi of Kot Momin tehsil, some 50 kilometres from Sargodha, accused their Chinese husbands of being involved in malpractices. Police said that the girls belonged to poor families who were promised that they would be staying in Lahore, while business opportunities will be provided to their families.

Soon after marriage, the girls, who were earlier told that the Chinese individuals had converted to Islam, realized that the men were neither Muslim nor honest. They also alleged that the Chinese were running a brothel and using the cover of a marriage bureau in Lahore’s DHA Phase I. They said that as soon as they found out the reality, they escaped.

The two girls also approached a lawyer for dissolution of marriage and urged the inspector general of police to arrest those involved. Some Christian families are also eagerly waiting for any information on their daughters, who were married to Chinese men and later taken to China.

The FIA has initiated a crackdown after some Pakistani women reported that they were trapped into fake marriages by Chinese nationals and later forced into prostitution in China.

Over 20 Chinese and Pakistani agents have been taken into custody during raids from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Islamabad.

China has, however, denied the reports saying that several media outlets are presenting ‘false and fabricated facts’. According to investigations by the Ministry of Public Security of China, no women married to Chinese nationals were being forced into prostitution in the country.


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