After Successful Launch Of Moon-Sighting Website, Fawad Aims To Introduce Cellular Payment System

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After Successful Launch Of Moon-Sighting Website, Fawad Aims To Introduce Cellular Payment System

After successfully launching the moon-sighting website and calendar recently, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that he now wants to introduce a cellular payment system to make things convenient for the people of Pakistan.

“During a visit to China, I observed that every person was paying bills through cell phones. After reaching Pakistan I decided to introduce an integrated system due to which everything, from banana to car, will be purchased through cellphones,” Fawad told Dawn.

The website,, has been launched to erase the yearly controversy over the sighting of the moon. The website mentions Islamic dates and months for the next 5 years.

Fawad said that with the passage of time, debit and credit cards will disappear and cellular payment systems will dominate the world.

Although there are cellular payment systems available already, he wants to take banks and cellular companies on board to implement the brainchild of Ministry of Science and Technology.

He said that he hoped the ministry will be able to introduce an integrated system soon.

Mufti Inamul Haq has filed a complaint with the Secretariat Police Station, alleging that Chaudhry had deliberately violated norms of Islam and Sharia by introducing a moon-sighting calendar.

He has accused Fawad of insulting and using derogatory remarks against religious figures.

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