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Story Of This 70-Year-Old Entrepreneur From Karachi Is Today’s Most Inspiring Read

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Idreesa Khatoon, a 70-year-old entrepreneur from Karachi inspired thousands after her story was published in the Express Tribune.

She runs a small garment business in Karachi and looks after her ailing brother. She sells different household items mainly garments for women and children on her pushcart. Normally, Khatoon earns around Rs400-500 daily, but there are days when she fails to make any sales. Those are the hardest, Idreesa says.

She worries constantly about where the next meal would come from. The rent for the room alone costs Rs5,000 per month.

Photo: Express

But despite her financial struggles, she has promised herself to help one needy person everyday regardless of how less she has in her pocket. She does that hoping that the blessing would reach her deceased relatives and help them in the afterlife. 

Khatoon’s brother died a few years ago, which she says was the lowest point of life. She did not have enough money to arrange burial, but refused to seek financial help. Instead, she handed the dead body to Edhi foundation.

In an interview with ET earlier, Khatoon has expressed her wish to visit Makkah, but her financial condition didn’t allow her to make the expensive journey. And now it appears Khatoon’s wish has come true thanks to a welfare organisation.

Photo: Express

“All arrangements are complete. I will set off for Saudi Arabia early Saturday morning for Umrah,” Khatoon told ET, overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. She said she was overjoyed that Allah had made her His guest.

Idreesa said that she also wishes to perform Hajj someday and hopes that God will fulfill her wish.

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Khatoon humility and goodness has made her popular among her neighbours too, who are extremely happy for her. “We are extremely happy to see her perform Umrah. She has a strong will and sense of respect. She would not even take a rupee as charity,” one of Zubaida’s neighbours Arif Khan said.


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