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PEMRA Orders Channel 24, Najam Sethi To Apologise To PM

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The Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (Pemra) in response to a complaint lodged by Prime Minister Imran Khan against the program ‘Najam Sethi Ke Saath’, ordered Channel 24 and anchorperson Najam Sethi to issue an apology to the premier and directed the channel to pay a fine of one million rupees.

The regulatory body has given the channel seven days to comply with the order, stating that if it fails to do so the program ‘Najam Sethi Ke Saath’ will be banned for 30 days and the channel’s license revoked.

Meanwhile, Channel 24 spokesperson condemned Pemra’s decision saying that the channel had not been allowed to defend its stance. He said the channel stood by its news and intended to challenge the regulatory body’s decision in the courts.

In response to Pemra’s ruling, Najam Sehti asked the body to clarify which part of the news report was untrue.

In a separate tweet the veteran journalist  called upon all media and rights organisations at home and abroad to condemn the absurd censorship.

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