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‘Pakistan Not An Easy Country To Travel In’: American Vlogger Says She Was ‘Silenced’ During Tourism Summit

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American travel vlogger Alex Reynolds has criticized the administration of the 2019 Pakistan Tourism Summit for ‘silencing’ her. Alex, who was one of the guest speakers in the Summit, said that she had ‘honestly’ spoke about some issues that needed to be addressed and which would only help Pakistan in the longer run if amended.

But Alex says she was censored because her speech was deemed critical.

She said that Pakistan is a ‘really cool country and has a lot of potential for Tourism’, but the PTS 2019 administration only wanted to know how ‘awesome’ Pakistan was and were not willing to take a deeper look into the existing problems. After being silenced during the summit, she took to social media to address her concerns.

“The social media coverage of Pakistan right now is dangerous for the future of the country’s tourism and misleading. Oversimplification of travel in Pakistan creates problems for independent travellers as they’re likely to encounter unofficial restrictions, harassment from officials,” she said, adding that she had to face harassment on numerous occasions.

She also highlighted that there were some perks and privileges of being a foreign tourist which the local ones would not enjoy. “Pakistani travelers are not going to have the same experiences as these white influencers are. Pakistani tourists won’t receive security escorts when they go to sensitive areas.”

“Despite all these difficulties, people like me have still fallen in love with your country. But the potential has to be managed properly. I just want to help other travellers come to this country and experience what I have. I think Pakistan is worth the hype,” she said.

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