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Orya Maqbool Jan Claims Ahmadis Are Involved In Human Trafficking

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Analyst Orya Maqbool Jan has claimed that the Ahmadi community living abroad is involved in human trafficking.

He made these claims in his TV show Har-e-Raaz on Neo TV Network.

Jan cited a report from the Der Spiegel magazine saying that there was no question about the magazine’s authenticity. The report, as Orya read, said that “Ahmadi officials have obviously made a business out of the plight of asylum seekers”, which he said was ‘human trafficking’.

He went on to read the report which claimed that “asylum seekers are being exploited by the Ahmadi community, and those who do not obey are threatened with a bad certificate.”

These accusations were made by Engineer Luqman Ahmad Tarar whose story was published in the German newspaper. Tarar said that he had converted to the Ahmadi faith and fled to Germany because he was scared for his life.

In Germany, he started to go to an Ahmadi worship place where they accepted him and guaranteed asylum. For 10 years, Tarar claims he kept on spending money to the cause of the Ahmadiyya faith, but was granted an ‘average’ certificate by the Ahmadi officials to seek asylum.

They also ‘threatened’ Tarar to not disobey or they would issue him a ‘bad certificate’ which would ultimately lead to his deportation from Germany.

Orya also said that the report claimed that Ahmadi officials in Germany issue fake certificates to those Pakistanis who pretend to be part of Ahmadiyya faith to seek asylum. Later, the asylum seekers are bullied and blackmailed into doing various tasks.

The credibility of Der Speigel came under question when in December 2018, the magazine made public that reporter Claas Relotius had admitted that he had “falsified his articles on a grand scale”, inventing facts, persons and quotations in at least 14 of his stories.

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