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Man Stoned To Death Over ‘Honour’ In Kohat

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Tribesmen from Darra Adamkhel tribe stoned a young man to death on Friday over love marriage.

The tribesmen struck the young man with bricks and stones for marrying a girl of his choice from the tribe a few months back. The body of the man was found badly mutilated due to repeated hits.

According to the reports, himself and the girl had married against the will of their families, which brought them ‘disgrace’.

The father of the deceased nominated Fazal Akbar of Qasimkhel tribe of Darra Adamkhel and his accomplices for the murder of his son. Police has initiated probe into the matter to arrest the culprits.

Earlier in February, two people were also killed over ‘honour’ in Kohat.

A man killed his sister and her alleged paramour after finding them in objectionable position inside their residence.

Bodies of the slain individuals were handed over to the families after autopsy. Police also arrested the culprit and filed a case against him.

In 2018, the Human Rights Commission Pakistan (HRCP) documented 737 ‘honour’ crimes between June 2017 and August 2018, but the figures do not reflect the full picture.

Most of the cases of honour killings go unreported because both the families and survivors feel like they won’t be served justice.

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