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Katchi Abadi Residents Are Incensed Over ‘Unannounced’ Destruction Of Homes

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has kickstarted evictions of residents in Katchi Abadi E-12, Islamabad. CDA claims the land is illegally occupied by the residents and the occupied plots must be handed over to real owners.

In 2018, CDA promised that the evicted families will be provided with rented accommodations to shift at but residents of Katchi Abadi say their homes have been bulldozed without prior notice and without any compensation. Now they have nowhere to go.

This family living in the Katchi Abadi area says their house was demolished without any prior notice. They were not even allowed to gather their belongings which were also destroyed by the bulldozers. Another person said they would not be treated this badly even if they went to neighbouring India.

‘We were promised by Asad Umar and Ali Awan that they’ll provide us with housing. This country isn’t for the poor, only for the rich,’ he says. Social Media is not too happy about the unannounced operation.

People are criticizing the government and authorities for throwing people out of their homes without providing them with an alternative. They are also demanding Imran Khan to provide the homes he had promised.


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