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PTI Failing To Curb Corruption, Strengthen Democracy: Survey

According to International Republican Institute (IRI) survey, majority of the Pakistanis believe PTI should be given more time to deliver on promises. However, they believe that law & order and economic situation have deteriorated, and PTI is failing to curb corruption, strengthen democracy.

Around 4,000 people aged 18 to 21 were questioned about the ruling government’s performance. 20% people said that PM Khan’s performance was very good, 40% said that it was good, while another 40% said that PTI must be given more time to fulfilll its promises.

However, people also said that PTI is failing to strengthen democracy. Only 33% respondents believed that PTI was democratically sound, while a majority begged to differ. Moreover, only 17% believed that PTI’s anti-poverty and anti-unemployment policies were good enough to provide results.


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