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Students Poke Fun At Hindu Gods And Prayers During Sindh University Festival

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A couple of students from the prestigious Sindh University disguised themselves as Hindu Gods Shiva and Krishna and poked fun at Hinduism, sacred personalities of the religion and also made fun of the prayers.

Twitter user Sumeet Rathore shared the unfortunate incident saying that he and the Hindu community were deeply saddened by unacceptable behavior of a few Sindh University students.

According to him, the students disguised as sacred Hindu personalities were dancing and singing in a demeaning way and poking fun at Hindu prayers. He also said that Rs10 were charged to take part in the satirical ‘Pooja’.

“The images are really annoying. I cannot even describe it. These people have crossed the limits,” Sumeet said. He said Hindu students present at the occasion could not do much about it since the miscreants were in majority.

He also claimed that in the wake of the Pulwama Attack, Hindus were being targeted by few groups. “This (Pulwama Attack) is an issue between Pakistan and India, not between Hindus and Muslims,” he said, adding that he and the Hindu community condemn memes that ridicule their religion and sacred personalities.

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“Minorities are safe in Pakistan, but some groups always want to spread hate and violence,” he said. He also urged the university authorities to take action against students involved in the activity that has hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community.

Earlier this month, a Hindu temple was attacked in Khairpur by assailants who set fire to holy statues and books of the Hindu religion.

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  1. Singh February 23, 2019

    what else to expect from a jiahdi land and it’s Hindu hating people?

  2. Mona Mahmood February 24, 2019

    Sumeet our lovely religion has strictly prohibited us Muslims to insult or to stop or to say anything against any faith. What they did seems to be a silly act like ppl in India did to Muslims by killing muslimshs for cow slaughter .
    Sorry to all Hindu community in Pakistan . Plz we are Pakistan we are not India where such atrocities are happening n .

  3. Amman February 24, 2019

    Can we call it blasphemy ??

  4. Sheeraz ali February 25, 2019

    This all is nothing but lie I was present there. There was nothing like dancing or singing of those sacred characters. They respected a lot Hinduism and did that with all heart. But there is a concept in our society that if any Muslim represents Hinduism and shows solidarity toward Hinduism then there must be something wrong he must be insulting or making fun of Hinduism.


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