‘Pakistan Is A Safe Country For Tourists’: Canadian Motorcyclist Rosie Gabrielle Amazed By People’s Hospitality

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‘Pakistan Is A Safe Country For Tourists’: Canadian Motorcyclist Rosie Gabrielle Amazed By People’s Hospitality

Canadian motorcyclist Rosie Gabrielle has a message for the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country and the people are amazing.

Gabrielle describes herself as a solo-motorcylce tourist who aims to travel around the world on her two-wheeler. The Canadian biker is currently in Pakistan and has rode 1500kms across the country and visited places like Malam Jabba, Cholistan desert, Kasur, and Lahore in Pakistan.

She has also visited the Baba Bulleh Shah shrine in Kasur and had a meet-up with locals in Lahore. In a video message, Rosie expressed how grateful she was to the amazing people of Pakistan for their hospitality and love. She also said that Pakistan is a safe and peaceful country for tourists.

Rosie is not the first tourist in Pakistan that has been mesmerized by the people, beauty and cultural diversity at offer.

Others have found the country intriguing to. Last year, vlogger Eva Zu Beck visited Pakistan and totally fell in love with the country. During her stay in the country, she visited every nook and corner of the country and also collaborated with Pakistan’s cellular brand Jazz for a Pakistan experience video.

Speaking at World Government Summit earlier this month, PM Imran Khan talked about the scope of tourism, specially religious tourism in Pakistan.

He said that the country had everything from lush-green valleys to mountain ranges to historical monuments. “We have the most highest peaks, we have the Indus Valley Civilization and the scope of tourism is immense,” he said.

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