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Pakistan Has The 6th Largest Contingent In The UN Peacekeeping Forces And Now 15% Are Women

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Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi on Monday said that Pakistan has reached its target of deploying 15 percent female officers for UN Peacekeeping missions all around the world.

Maleeha made the announcement while speaking at the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations. She added that in just 18 months, Pakistan has gone from zero to 15 percent with regards to female participation in the UN peacekeeping missions.

Pakistan officer during UN peacekeeping mission on Congo.

She also told the committee that Pakistan would be deploying an engagement team in the Democratic Republic of Congo in May 2019. She said that Pakistan, being one of the top contributors to peacekeeping missions globally, will continue its support to the UN.

“Our faith in this indispensable tool for the maintenance of international peace and security is firm and abiding,” she was quoted as saying by the Express Tribune. She said that deployment decisions were made via consultations, preparation and analysis of the ground situation.

As of December 2018, Pakistan ranks 6th on the list of countries with most troops and police officers deployed for UN missions across the globe. Pakistan has a total of 5,261 troops deployed.

Ethiopia has the highest number of troops and police officers deployed (7,596), followed by Bangladesh (6,624), Rwanda (6,528), India (6445), Nepal (6098) and Pakistan.

UN Fact Sheet for December 2018.

In January, President of the UN General Assembly Maria Fernanda Espinosa lauded Pakistan for being one of the top contributors to UN missions around the world.

The UN rep was speaking at an event in National University of Science and Technology, where she also appreciated NUST’s role in training local and foreign troops for UN missions.

In June 2013, Pakistan contributed the highest number overall with 8,186, according to UN stats.

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