Media Under Pressure

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Media Under Pressure

Media has been under pressure, and the new regulation aiming to create PMRA makes it even more difficult for the journalists to report without fear. But the worst part is that there’s no defiance against the clampdowns.

* PTI govt plans on strengthening its control over media

* Last week, the federal cabinet approved

* the creation of Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority

* The body will let govt ‘regulate’ the entire local media

* from one platform

* Journalists have criticized the move

* It is being said that print and electronic media

* have their own defining features, and they cannot

* be regulated under the same set of regulations

* But there has been no effective protest

* from the journalist community

* Perhaps this silence is because of financial difficulties

* Thanks to ongoing financial crunch, journalists have

* to fight a battle for their own survival

* During dictatorial days, journalists used to come together

* to protest such moves

* They collectively fought for media freedom

* But today, despite being under a democratic rule,

* there is no defiance in the face of clampdowns

* on free speech and unnecessary regulations


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