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Black Leopard photographed in Kenya sparks racism debate

This black leopard photographed by a white photographer is being claimed as the first photograph of the majestic creature in over 100 years but Kenyans term it ‘Christopher Columbus style history’. Check out!

  • Stunning, crystal clear images of the African black leopard
  • have sparked a debate
  • The high quality images, taken in Kenya, by a white photographer,
  • claim to be “first documented images of the animal in a century”
  • But Kenyan photographers and conservationists are giving pushback
  • They say they have been photographing the gorgeous animal for years
  • The only difference this time is that the photographer is a white man,
  • and has higher quality camera traps
  • The leopard’s coat is pitch black because of a gene mutation,
  • It’s the opposite of albinism
  • Any melanistic leopard, jaguars and big cats are known as black panthers
  • Yes, that is where Marvel’s Black Panther got its name from
  • Fun fact: the fictional country of Wakanda is said to border Kenya
  • Coincidence or a karmic sign? You decide!
  • The photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, is ecstatic with his achievement:
  • “For many years, the black panther remained the stuff of dream
  • Nobody I knew had ever seen one in the wild.”
  • Kenya’s response?
  • “This Christopher Columbus type of history is archaic!!”
  • Do you think it’s time white people stopped ‘discovering’ things in Kenya,
  • that Kenyans have already discovered?
  • Or do you think these images are worth it?

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