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‘Chai is Chah’: Tea lovers’ Valentines Day has come early

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Tea was originally a medicinal drink in SouthWest China, but with time it became a recreational drink all across Asia. But most importantly, in India, it became ‘Chai’, an all-time favorite drink for so many lovers.

December 15 is marked as International Tea Day and as the day comes to an end, let’s see how ‘Chai lovers’ all around the world celebrated their love for tea on social media.

The picture says it all!!!

Cup of tea? No… that’s how “Chai lovers” drink tea!

Tea is not just a drink…  “Chai is Chah”… sometimes its hard to imagine a day of your life without tea.


AND…. then it gets a little crazier too sometimes….


Well, that is a lot of tea love.. but if that’s not enough Pakistanis sure know how to spend on what they love. According to data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics tea worth US$51. 724 million was imported during the first month of the current financial year whereas, the imports amounted to be US$ 45.912 million in the corresponding month of last year.

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Now that’s how you celebrate your love for “CHAI”!!! Happy International Tea Day.



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