Bushra Maneka- Pakistan's most googled person of 2018

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Bushra Maneka- Pakistan’s most googled person of 2018

The first lady Bushra Maneka, third wife our Prime Minister was the most googled person of 2018. This could mean two things, one that Pakistanis were curious about her fascinating personality and second that they found her marriage with PM Khan after on record denials mysterious. Bushra Bibi was also the center of attention of Pakistanis due to the rumors surrounding her of possessing ‘other worldly powers’. Some people went on to compare the first lady with a popular US show Game of Thrones’s (GOT) Red-headed sorceress. However, this way or that, Bushra’s entry into the Khan’s life, made people wonder if she had enchanted the PM under her spell. Let’s wait and see what Pakistanis find so interesting and fascinating about her 2019.
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