The Dark side of Karachi's Empress Market beautification drive

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The Dark side of Karachi’s Empress Market beautification drive

The recent clean-up drive at Karachi’s Empress Market is much praised by the people. But it’s beautification has left 1700 people unemployed. Watch NayaDaur’s video.

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  1. DANISH Ali AHMAD November 20, 2018

    what a stupid and shallow your argument is. livelihoods for shop owners who were occupying spaces illegally.
    should i start living on Jinnah park and later ask for compensation?

    what a short and shallow thought of yours.
    This was 100% encroachment from last 40-50 years, went unabated. you can put blame on officials- fine.
    arrest officials and make them feel the burden. BUT ZERO compensation to encroached property.


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