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In pictures: How the Gurr that sweetens your tea is made out of sugarcane

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The production of gurr (condensed sugarcane juice) has kicked off in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Gurr production is a key local industry in the province. Several districts including Charsaddah, Mardan and Swabi are famous for their gurr.

Gurr is unrefined sugar made by boiling sugarcane juice. It is used to sweeten tea and several traditional dishes. Gurr is also used as a substitute for refined sugar.

Gurr is sold locally and is shipped to other parts of the country and abroad. The gurr-making process starts in November and continues through April.

First, sugarcane juice is extracted through a machine, and then cooked in a large utensil for hours.

The farmers make it and then mould it into shape

Gurr after being molded

The cane peel is dried in sunlight and then use at as fuel to boil sugarcane juice

A local farmer fuels the fire in traditional gurr industry.

A local farmer carrying sugarcane on shoulder to the machine to extract juice from it.

The stock is packed into bags which are sent to the market for selling.

After the completion of process, the product turns to such shape and is ready to be packed and sent to the market.


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