'Log Kia Kahen Ge?': A Line That Kills Thousands Of Dreams Everyday

'Log Kia Kahen Ge?': A Line That Kills Thousands Of Dreams Everyday
We’re all familiar with this phrase Log Kia Kahen Ge? (what will the people say?) We have grown up hearing it. At every stage of life, we get to hear this from our family: Log Kia Kahen Ge? This line kills thousands of dreams everyday across the globe.

I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about the few people who are always willing to interfere in our personal lives and criticise our choices. After all, it’s my life and I have every right on it. There’s no point worrying about these detractors. They can say whatever they want to.

Let me explain this through an example:

Few months ago it was my cousin’s wedding. My cousin asked her mom, “Mama, can I dance on my wedding?” Her mother replied, “No. What will our relatives say?”

The girl didn’t argue any further with her mother. Marriage is a very special occasion in everyone’s life. Just because of the society’s pressure, a bride is forced to sit quietly, keeping her eyes down. Because if she doesn’t, people are going to judge her. ‘How shameless!’ they’d say. And due to this pressure, a lot of brides are not allowed to enjoy their wedding day.

This phrase Log Kia Kahen Ge is always going to be a part of desi families’ mentality. I’ve always wondered why we have to worry about people or what they think about us. If you are willing to do something, you should stick to it and not worry about those few in your life who always try to bring you down.

There’s always pressure from parents on their children to score good grades in their exams. “If you fail, what will the people think about you?” I know working hard is a key to success but what if a student works extremely hard and still can’t score good marks. Parents should encourage them instead of forcing them to get good marks to show other people that their children are intelligent.

Another big problem that this phrase creates is that parents are extremely worried about marrying their children in their own caste. “What will your family say if you’re married out of the caste? They will stop talking to us…” Even if you have a great proposal from someone outside of the caste, parents would tell you to stick to the caste rule because, well, Log Kia Kahen Ge.

Some parents don’t allow their daughters to wear loud makeup because of the same reason.

Why do we care about the people? Why can’t we do what makes us happy? Life is short. We have to enjoy it as much as we can. We must explore the world and find happiness in what we want to do, not in what others want us to do.

Your life is yours. You don’t need anyone’s approval to make your life choices!