‘#TrumpsLastDay’: Twitterati Relieved To See Trump Leave White House

‘#TrumpsLastDay’: Twitterati Relieved To See Trump Leave White House
Twitter users worldwide celebrate Donald Trump’s last day as president of United States with the hashtag #TrumpsLastDay. Twitter users have rejoiced and are ardently waiting for president-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday after which he will officially be starting his term.





Donald Trump came into office as President of United States in 2016 and has without a doubt became one of the most controversial presidents. He has been impeached twice, which makes him the first and only president to have faced the action. His second impeachment came after his supporters stormed Capitol claiming that President Trump had won the election.

After the results were announced, Trump took to Twitter himself and wrote: I won. This tweet was taken down by twitter and after Capitol’s breach, major social media apps banned Donald Trump from their platforms.

Trump’s term at office which lasted full 4 years was ridden with controversies and scams. It was reported last year that he only paid $700 in tax.

With Donald Trump’s last day as president, many are demanding he be tried for the many controversies he’s part of.