‘Regressive’: India passes bill prohibiting commercial surrogacy and people are displeased

‘Regressive’: India passes bill prohibiting commercial surrogacy and people are displeased
The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed the bill prohibiting commercial surrogacy and people are extremely displeased. The bill was introduced in 2016 and it has been given a go-ahead 2 years later.

Health Minister JP Nadda said the bill aimed to ban commercial surrogacy but also aimed to save families by allowing them to have children via modern scientific means.


The decision has caused a storm on social media with people condemning and protesting against the decision.

‘It's a regressive bill. Government has no business to decide how one chooses to bear a child. It's a ray of hope for many couples who cannot naturally conceive. Shame the Lok Sabha has passed it’


‘Wait, so, if I’m single/ homosexual/living in with my partner/an orphan/ have no obliging relatives, I don’t deserve to have a child?’


‘This is kind of an alternate way to abandon the system’


‘Another regressive policy and law in our country’


‘Blanket ban on commercial surrogacy will only encourage illegal surrogacy’


‘Poor bill from BJP’


Here are some important points from the bill

Source: NDTV

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