Let Us Be Optimistic In Times Of Despair

Let Us Be Optimistic In Times Of Despair
Mikhail Gorbachev said, "If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backwards." What the country is suffering today is not incidental, but something always expected in Pakistan’s scenario.

There is nothing like standing stall in the universe. Time does not wait so we cannot keep waiting. When we are not striving to be a better and inclusive society, these incidents may arise again and again as they have been for decades.

Extremism in all forms and violence in mainstream politics has led many nations to the civil war. Every citizen of the country recognizes the fact that it is wrong deep in the roots. We have been pushed to the hatred system, hate is itself wrong whether it is against liberals or clerks; hate would ultimately fan intolerance in society.

Many of us criticize this hatred at different stages because each of us suffers this in some way or the other. We cannot just wipe out this hatred and create a vacuum but what we can do; is to indulge more and more love and tolerance, patience, and social wellbeing in the society that may slowly replace today’s hate. The process is slow but worthwhile and so, we need to be optimistic, and patient as individuals and as a society. Only smiling faces and a strong mindset can defeat this rising anarchy, and we can learn to have a table talk than taking weapons in hands.

We are all a society, whether by choice or not. None of us can be happy individually, we leave the effect on each other. Whatever ideas we may carry in mind, the way forward must be the path of non-violence.

We must expect this non-violence as a social contract that becomes active only when we listen to each other with patience and wish to understand one’s reservations.

Our problems are ours; we must resolve these for our own well-being.

As Rahat Indori says,

na ham-safar na kisī ham-nashīñ se niklegā

hamāre paañv kā kāñTā hamīñ se niklegā