Senate Committee Says Terming AGN Kazi Formula ‘Unconstitutional’ Is An Insult To The Parliament, Demands Probe

Senate Committee Says Terming AGN Kazi Formula ‘Unconstitutional’ Is An Insult To The Parliament, Demands Probe
The Senate Committee on Water Resources in its meeting on Friday took serious notice of the word ‘unconstitutional’ used for the AGN Kazi formula related to payment of royalty on account of electricity generation and said the matter must be probed.

Terming it as an insult to the Parliament, it was decided that no further action on the agenda would item be taken unless the matter was cleared. 

While discussing the feasibility of water supply from Indus River (Chashma or DI Khan point) to Zhob Division, Balochistan, the meeting was informed that no feasibility study was currently being carried out.

The committee asserted that WAPDA would require a detailed feasibility report, without which it was impossible to move ahead.

The ministry assured the committee that a feasibility study would be conducted after obtaining permission from the Balochistan government. After which, the committee issued directions to the provincial government to facilitate the process.

The committee chairman, Senator Shamim Afridi, was of the opinion that the trend of dividing projects into phases must be curbed since this the main cause for delay.  The project must be given priority as a whole, he added. 

In a briefing on the present status of the Kachhi Canal project, the committee was informed that the PC-1 was with CDWP and the project could not move ahead without approval. Meanwhile, the PC1 of the remaining project had been submitted to the Planning Division.

The committee recommended that it was imperative that the representatives from WAPDA, Balochistan government and the Planning Division should be present to fix responsibility and ascertain the glitches in the project.

The committee was informed that a letter had been written to the abovementioned, which was not responded.

The meeting noted that the Balochistan government did not respond to summons earlier as well and a privilege motion must be moved in case of failure to show representation in the next meeting.


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The author is a reporter based in Islamabad.