UN Experts Criticise India For Rights Violations In Occupied Kashmir

UN Experts Criticise India For Rights Violations In Occupied Kashmir
Two UN human rights experts after assessing the situation of Indian-Occupied Kashmir, have expressed concern about India's decision to put an end to the autonomy of the disputed region and to implement new laws that could curb the muslims and minorities involvement in important matters pertaining to land ownership and employment.

Fernand de Varennes, Special Rapporteur on minority issues and Ahmed Shaheed, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief said, “The loss of autonomy and the imposition of direct rule by the Government in New Delhi suggest the people of Jammu and Kashmir as no longer have their own government and have lost power to legislate or amend laws in the region to ensure the protection of their rights as minorities.”

Referring to the new legislations Indian governments has enacted, the experts said, “These legislative changes may have the potential to pave the way for people from outside the former state of Jammu and Kashmir to settle in the region, alter the demographics of the region and undermine the minorities’ ability to exercise effectively their human rights.”

Furthermore, they maintained that adherence to human rights is compulsory and they are in contact with the Indian government on this matter.

The experts further said that they have urged Government of India to protect the economic, social and cultural rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and allow them to express their political views.