KP Assembly Passes Highest Number Of Laws Among All Assemblies

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly (KP) has passed 59 pieces of legislation during the second parliamentary year, surpassing other provincial assemblies with respect to the passage of the most number of laws.

According to a study titled ‘Comparative Assessment of Provincial Assembliesreport by PILDAT, the Punjab Assembly has passed 41 laws, the provincial assembly of Sindh has passed 24 laws while the Balochistan Assembly lags behind by having passed only eight laws.

PILDAT said except Balochistan, there was an increase in legislative activity across the other three assemblies.

In total, the KP Assembly has passed 89 bills during the two parliamentary years that concluded in August. The Punjab Assembly has passed a total of 58 laws in two years; the Sindh Assembly has passed a total of 36 laws while the Balochistan Assembly has only passed 19 laws.

PILDAT, however, ranked the KP Assembly as third in terms of holding sittings. It held 52 sessions. The Sindh Assembly leads by holding the highest 68 sittings, followed closely by the Punjab Assembly which met for 67 days. The Balochistan Assembly met for only 33 days.