Exploring Rawalpindi's Vibrant Raja Bazaar

Exploring Rawalpindi's Vibrant Raja Bazaar
Pakistan is rich in its history and culture. Different cultures can be seen from one city to another, whether it is in dressing, language or cuisine. But every city has its own history and its own cultural importance. Here we consider Raja Bazar in the heart of Rawalpindi, which is the main commercial, residential and shopping hub of the people from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is situated close to the Fawara Chowk, which is the meeting points of 6 significant roads.

The bazaar covers a number of business sectors: the Sabzi Mandi, Masala Bazaar, Kapra Bazaar, Lakar Bazaar and other private ventures. The regional Headquarters Hospital Rawalpindi, associated with Rawalpindi Medical College, provides essential medical services to the inhabitants of the old city.

Lovely homes with wooden windows can be seen while passing down the bazaar. Generally, shops have been based on the ground floor. For 70 years or so now, individuals have been living in havelis here, though presently they are not in great condition. Nevertheless, the set of experiences and history is still perfectly preserved.

Walking along the narrow, bustling streets of Raja Bazaar, one can find practically everything at very low prices and for this reason, many people visit the market daily, which makes the bazaar crowded. The hustle and bustle, nonetheless, makes for a delightful ambience and takes you to a whole other world of shopping. There are a number of businesses running for generations here: shoes, furniture, books and so forth.

People from Islamabad normally come here on a daily basis to shop for pure herbs and other items that are available here at relatively cheaper rates. Individuals from from as far away as Gilgit, Peshawar or even Karachi visit Rawalpindi for its practical rates.

Raja Bazaar is acclaimed for its food - mainstream but hearty offerings like Nihari and naan, kulchey, bakar khani, fish, the customary halwa puri with aloo channey and so on.

On a stroll here, one can track down the secret Purana Qila famous for Asian wedding garments: individuals from everywhere in Pakistan visit here for wedding shopping. One can track down a colossal assortment of outfits for brides and grooms alike, alongside the best gems and shoes.

The bazaar opens at 11am toward the beginning of the day and continues to draw visitors up to midnight. The excellence of the ambience exists in the streetlamps and sparkle which light up the entire evening.