Love Transcends Boundaries And Tensions: Pakistani Woman Weds Indian Man

Love Transcends Boundaries And Tensions: Pakistani Woman Weds Indian Man
Pakistani woman married Indian man on March 7, amid political and bureaucratic tensions, proving that true love has the power to overcome anything.

27-year-old Kiran Sarjeet, hailing from Sambaryal neighbourhood of Sialkot travelled all the way to Patiala in India to marry the love of her life, Parvinder Singh. A handful of family members of both attended the wedding in a local Gurdwara in Patiala on March 7.

The two families have shared close ties since partition in 1947. Parvinder’s family migrated to India while Kiran’s family settled in Sialkot. Despite strained ties between the two countries, these two families have maintained a strong relationship.

Kiran and Parvinder, however, only met in 2014 and Kiran says she fell in love with Parvinder at the first sight. “It was love at first sight. Later, we told our families that we wanted to marry and got engaged in 2016,” she said.

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She says getting visa for the family members were extremely hectic, especially in the wake of the Pulwama Attack and political tensions between the two countries. “It was extremely hectic. The Embassy wanted proof that the marriage ceremony was planned before the Pulwama Attack took place.”

She said herself and Parvinder did not want to delay the marriage any further so they provided all evidence they could to make things happen on time.

“I am extremely happy that Parvindar and I have finally tied the knot, but I am simultaneously concerned over the escalating tensions between the two neighbouring countries,” she said.

She also added that she hopes tensions between the two countries decrease because in such circumstances, it would not be possible for herself to get permanent citizenship of India.

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