Motorway Gang Rape Survivor Demands Public Hanging Of Rapists

A woman who was gang-raped by two robbers on the motorway near Gujjurpura last week has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan that 'culprits should be publicly hanged'.

"The mother has appealed to the PM @ImranKhanPTI that both the culprits should be "publicly hanged". She said this would be justice for her. The woman said PTI is a party which promised justice, so justice will be done when strict action is being taken on #CCPO 's statement," said anchorperson Fareeha quoting the survivor.

The journalist said that the woman has also confirmed the identity of rapists. She said: "The mother who was attacked said she could confirm the two suspects Abid and Shafqat as the culprits based on the account of details by him which were correct."

On Tuesday, the survivor of the rape incident demanded the resignation of Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh, who initially blamed the rape on the woman for travelling at night.

According to anchorperson Fareeha, the woman was not satisfied by the apology issued by the Lahore police chief, as his comments resulted in ‘extreme pain’ and ‘suffering’. “He should be removed,” the woman said, urging the government for action in the case.

The statement of the rape survivor had followed an apology by the Lahore CCPO wherein he extended an apology to the woman and her family for causing emotional pain.

PM for public hanging:

After days of silence on the gang-rape of a woman on Lahore motorway that shook the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan proposed the public hangings and chemical castration of rapists to curb sexual violence in Pakistan.

While talking about the gang-rape of a woman in front of her children last week, PM Imran said: “They [rapists] should be given exemplary punishments. In my opinion, they should be hanged at the chowk [intersection].”

However, experts and rights activists tend to disagree with what the prime minister has presented as the solution to the problem. Dr Nida Kirmani, who is a sociologist, responded that the announcement by the PM ‘misses the point that all men are socialised to a greater or lesser extent to be capable of such acts’.

“The idea that hanging or castrating a rapist is the solution makes it seem as if those who commit these crimes are monsters who are physically unable to control their urges,” she tweeted.