Former 'Senator's Sons' Beat Up Residents In Islamabad Neighborhood, Hurl Threats

The sons of a former senator reportedly barged into a neighbourhood in Islamabad on Wednesday, beating the residents and hurling threats at those present on the scene.

"Allegedly sons of a minister [who came in] car Vitz BC-080 stormed in Safa Heights too drunk beating residents," a journalist said in a post on Twitter. "When a lady intervenes, they threatened her and called her bitch/prostitute and threatened me as well in F 11 Islamabad." He added that he "called 1 5, but they are saying we cannot take action."

On Thursday, the journalist took to Twitter again, saying that police had lied about not being informed about the incident.

"This is blatant lie by Islamabad police," he said. "I called 15 police, they came on my report and arrested one of the accused from spot, took to Shalimar police station. I myself went to police station with victim lady and shopkeeper and we gave application against the accused."

In May, Federal Minister for Housing and Works Tariq Bashir Cheema and his accomplices were termed responsible for beating up people belonging to the minority communities and destroying their houses in Yazman, Bahawalpur. According to a resident woman, they had been rendered homeless without a roof over their heads.