PPP Senator Raza Rabbani Believes PIC Attack Was Justified

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Raza Rabbani has said that it was wrong to put the whole blame of the PIC incident on lawyers and that the attack was justified to some extent.

While talking to MJTV, Raza Rabbani said that lawyers had taken the legal path to solve their conflict with doctors, but there was inaction on part of authorities.

He added that what happened at PIC was condemnable, but to put the whole blame on the legal community was wrong.

He stated that ‘total inaction’ from the administration precipitated this action from lawyers. He further said that law should take its course and should take action against people from both sides who engaged in violence.

Moreover, Advocate Latif Khosa stated that it should be investigated whether those who attacked PIC were actual lawyers or simply ‘Gullu Butts’ in black coats. He added that it had happened in the past that the administration sent people clad in black coats to engage in violence and give a bad name to lawyers.

Advocate Hamid Khan was of the view that it seemed that a third party was involved in instigating the conflict as the matter had already been settled and then provocative videos went viral on social media.

He was of the view that this was done to give a bad name to lawyers so in the future, the legal community could not become a force of resistance.

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