Afghan ‘Messi’ had to flee home due to threats and it is heartbreaking

Afghan ‘Messi’ had to flee home due to threats and it is heartbreaking
Murtaza Ahmadi, who also likes to call himself Messi, rose to fame when pictures of him wearing a Messi jersey made of a plastic bag circulated across the internet.

Murtaza Ahmadi wears a jersey made of plastic bag (Source: BBC)


People were so inspired by little Messi’s love for his idol that a campaign was launched for him to meet the Argentine superstar. What happened next? Ahmadi went to the Camp Nou and met Lionel Messi.

He also did the ceremonial kick-off before the match and then ran towards Messi and held his hand. That was the cutest moment on a football pitch, and you can not tell us otherwise.

Unfortunately, some years after his meeting with the world's best footballer, Murtaza and his family are forced to flee their home in the village of Ghazni owing to threats allegedly from Taliban. Murtaza and his family belong to the ethnic Hazara minority.

“Murtaza became famous around the world and we are not able to walk free and go anywhere. Murtaza and my other children were not able to go to school,” his mother Shafiqa Ahmadi said according to Reuters.

Murtaza Ahmadi with his mother. (Source: NDTV)

She added that Taliban attacked their village one night which forced them to flee the country.

Social Media reacts

'The family of a seven-year-old Afghan boy known as “Messi’s biggest fan” who captivated hearts around the world are now among the IDP’s in Kabul'

Even if crisis, the little Messi did not forget to take his Messi-signed jerseys with him

The biggest Messi fan ever? YES

Indeed, it is a sad moment

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