Balochistan Govt, Opposition Members Openly Flout Social Distancing Protocol

Balochistan Govt, Opposition Members Openly Flout Social Distancing Protocol
Balochistan government’s high officials have been defying the coronavirus restrictions imposed by their own government to contain the spread of the virus. Iftar parties and political gatherings are being held by both government officials and members of the opposition in violation of the social distancing protocol.

Despite imposition of section 144 in the province under which holding procession, rallies and corner meetings have been banned, religious congregations as well as political meetings and rallies continue to take place in the province.

On April, 26, Balohistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal and Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Jamal Khan Mandokhil made an official visit to district judicial complex with other senior judges including Justice Hashim kakar, Justice Kamran Mulakhail, Justice Adullah  Baluch and Agriculture ,Minister Zamrak khan Achakzai.

The judges and government representatives violated the social distancing protocol and followed no precautionary measures as shown in the video and pictures. They maintained no social distancing, wearing no gloves and mask which is mandatory to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Several others government and opposition members have also been arranging political gathering attended by hundreds of their supporters in Quetta and different districts of the province.

Excise and Taxation Minister Malik Naeem Bazai has held several rallies and corner meetings in his constituency without following any safety protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Opposition member Nasurullah Zehri and MPA Shahina Kakar also organised political gatherings in their respective areas without following preventive measures.

Balochistan CM Jam Kamal including all ministers of government on April, 18 beside visited the sick Son of MPA Zamrak Achakzai at his resident who were tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks earlier, no protective measures were adopted again, as they were accompanied by several police vehicles and others countless security personals which is dangerous amid increasing number of coronavirus cases locally.

Member of Opposition Sanaullah Baluch had requested the provincial assembly secretariat to convene the session of the assembly to discuss the devastating impact of the current lockdown, but the speaker had rejected the appeal. However, public meetings and iftar parties by government officials continue to take place in violation of the social distancing protocol.