5 Most-Watched Pakistani Movies Of 2019

As the year is nearing an end, we list down the top 5 movies of the year that were both a treat to watch and commercial successes.


Starring Meera and Amna Ilyas, it was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Following the life of actress Shameera (Meera), the film explores themes around betrayal, paranoia, friendship and stardom at a time when Shameera's falling from favor in the film industry. Even though media claimed that the movie was a box office success, reviews of the movie called out the flaws in the film's narrative multiple times.


The film follows the life of Noori (Maria Khan), an aspiring actor, and Sameer Khan (Bilal Ashraf), an established actor. The story revolves around their relationship and how they turned from friends into lovers. According to reviews the film's simple story line is easy to follow but narrative loopholes, bad editing and an anti-climactic second half make the movie coarse and lackluster.

Parey Hut Love

The story of a commitment phobic Sheheryar (Sheheryar Munawar) and his love interest Saniya (Maya Ali), the film is a dramatic love story that jumps from wedding to wedding to develop it's narrative. Creating beautiful visuals, choreography and cinematography, the film is a visual treat. But like most the films clumsy editing and unsatisfactory script leaves a lot to be desired. Even with these flaws the film is still a fun watch.

Heer Maan Ja

Azfar Jaffari's film is about a runaway bride (Hareem Farooq) rekindling a spark with her former lover (Ali Rehman Khan) after running away from her wedding function. The film then revolves around Heer's former fiance (Faizan Sheikh) chasing Heer and her rekindled love interest across the country. Even though the film is a visual treat with amazing cinematography and aesthetics, it gives into various plot loopholes thus leaving much to be desired.


Shaped around a young Pakistan Air Force cadet's, Harris (Mikaal Zulfiqar), life it explores various themes ranging from love to family to Indo-Pak rivalries. The existence of a large number of plot lines leaves this movie in the state of a mess. Released near Pakistan Day, the film still manages to get a patriotic message across and valorizes the young men of the Pakistan Air Force.

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