Kamran Khan Urges PM Imran To Replace CM Usman Buzdar If He Wants To Remain PM

Kamran Khan Urges PM Imran To Replace CM Usman Buzdar If He Wants To Remain PM
Senior journalist Kamran Khan, who has been openly supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan, has now told the PM that his policies will have to change if he wants to restore public trust in his government. If Imran Khan does not change course, the no confidence motion against him will succeed, he added.

Kamran Khan said that after receiving the vote of confidence, the PTI government has been given a 'new life', and they should now correct course.

Khan urged the PM to replace Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar due to the latter's poor management of affairs in the province. In a video message, Kamran Khan said that he has always supported Imran Khan's policies, but the frequent transfers of Police IGs and chief secretaries in Punjab has given rise to mismanagement in the province. He added that the Buzdar government has become a laughing stock.

Further, Kamran Khan said that PTI supporters are surprised as to why the PM is continuing to back Usman Buzdar despite numerous complaints against him. Punjab needs a new, active team, Kamran Khan added.

The anchor also urged the PM to replace his principle secretary Azam Khan who he says has hijacked the bureaucratic process. Khan also mentioned the ruling PTI's defeat in the by-election of Nowshehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and criticised KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan. He called on the PM to look after the affairs in KP personally so the mistakes can be undone.

Kamran Khan also drew the PM's attention towards PTI's situation in Karachi and said that the city has gone out of his party's hands.