Islamabad Police Tear-Gas Protesting Govt Employees

Islamabad Police Tear-Gas Protesting Govt Employees
Federal government employees peacefully protesting at D-Chowk Islamabad against disparity in their salaries and pensions were tear-gassed by the police.

These protestors are mostly government employees who demand that their salaries be increased. About 2000 government employees were present at the protest and were chanting slogans against the government before the police arrived and tear gassed them.

Many protestors have been arrested. Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed had previously assured the government employees that there demands will be soon met but the protestors had said that they don’t want verbal commitments. “The government should issue a notification and confirm the increase in our salaries,” they had said.

At this demand, Sheikh Rasheed said the government doesn’t has any problem issuing the notification and can “do it right now.”

However, the only problem is that the government had already decided to increase salaries of officers from grade 5 to 16. The protestors demand an increase for government employees of grade 22 and that Sheikh Rasheed says isn’t possible as the government doesn’t has the funds for it.