Casualties Occur As Boat Carrying Men, Women And Children Sinks In Tarbela Lake

Casualties Occur As Boat Carrying Men, Women And Children Sinks In Tarbela Lake
On July 3, 2019,  a boat carrying around 40 people and some livestock was traveling from Torghar towards Haripur. It started sinking when it caught a whirlpool in Tarbela lake.

According to initial reports, massive casualties occurred, eight dead bodies including two women were recovered on the first day while the search is still underway.

Samaa news reports that It took hours for the rescue team to reach the scene because of the relative inaccessibility of the site. Once they reached Haripur, they had to take a three-hour boat ride in order to reach the site.

Farooq Azam, a development professional tweeted a detailed thread regarding the said incident.

Azam further mentioned that Tarbela Dam poses a hazardous risk to boating activity in the nearby areas.

When Naya Daur media reached to Azam regarding the said incident, he was of the view that Tarbela region requires the government's attention at the earliest.

We asked Azam which government authority governs the area in question.

"I believe it falls under WAPDA, hence it is federal water and falls under federal jurisdiction. Provincial interaction is limited and dam management is federal as well", Azam replied.

"While the gov tries to shift the blame on provincial or local govt as a face-saving. Because it is managed by the WAPDA, therefore federal gov has oversight. As far as adjacent localities go, those areas fall under their respective admin districts. Prior to 1986, the area fell under a body called PATA for administration. It was then designated as “Backward Areas.” Poppy eradication act brought it to “Hard Area” and its incorporation into local districts."

As far as boating activities are concerned, there seems to be lack of safety docks and appropriate emergency stations to act in such situations where passengers are drowned or a natural calamity occur.

Moreover, resue and search operation is underway in the said area.


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