‘For Inclusive Future’: Pakistanis Tell Why They March On Women’s Day

‘For Inclusive Future’: Pakistanis Tell Why They March On Women’s Day
As Pakistan is marking the International Women’s Day with Aurat March, Pakistanis shared why they would march.

Senior Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sherry Rehman said that she would march because violence against women is unacceptable and women have an equal claim to public spheres.

“I march because I don’t accept violence against women. I march against harassment at the workplace. I march because public spaces are domains where I too have the right to have my voice heard. I march because we still have a long way to go #WomensDay2019”.

She added that she march because women don’t get equal pay or opportunity as men.

She also said that she march because she is “done keeping quiet about sexist jokes, about snide remarks and unspoken collusion to keep women out of decision-making. I march for my less fortunate sisters who suffer daily indignities #IWD2019”.


Singer Meesha Shafi, who received immense backlash for speaking up against alleged sexual harassment by Ali Zafar, said that she march because “our daughters don’t have to stay silent and scared to speak the truth and claim their rights!”.

One social media user shared that she march for an inclusive society.

“For a future that is inclusive, intersectional, and non-binary.”

Many people said that they march for victims of “honour” killings.

Journalist Sabahat Zakariya said that she march for Sana Cheema, the Italian Pakistani girl who was murdered by her family in Gujrat but whose father and brother have now been acquitted. For all the honour crimes that never get proven. For women, who continue to die at the hands of their families.

One user said that she march because she is tired of being afraid, being stared at, groped and stalked. She is tired of hearing about child sexual abuse.

“I am tired of hearing about women being murdered for choosing whom to love. I am tired of all the definitions of womanhood that limit us.”

Another social media user shared that she march because her marital status is nobody’s business.

“I have the right to live my life without being judged for being single.”

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