Five Policemen Arrested Over Osama Satti Shootout Dismissed

Five Policemen Arrested Over Osama Satti Shootout Dismissed
ISLAMABAD: The five policemen arrested over their involvement in the murder of 22-year-old Osama Satti in an alleged staged shootout were fired from service on Friday.

The cops, identified as sub-inspector Iftikhar Ahmed and constables Muhammad Mustafa, Shakeel Ahmed, Mudassar Mukhtiar, and Saeed, are currently in police custody on physical remand.

They have been dismissed from service for “failing to handle the situation in a professional manner and directly firing on the vehicle”, thereby “bringing a bad name to the department.”

“Keeping in view of whole episode and his unprofessional approach towards official duties which has resulted [in] such unpleasant incident, the undersigned reached to the conclusion that his attitude towards official tasks is unbecoming and his further retention in the disciplined force like Islamabad Police is not justified,” read a dismissal letter issued to one of the personnel.

“Therefore, finding him guilty of gross misconduct, he is awarded a major punishment of “Dismissal from service” as provided under Punjab Police (E & D) Rules, 1975 duly adopted by ICT Police.” TLTP

Killed over 'altercation with police', Osama's father

Osama was killed on Jan 2 on Kashmir Highway after police opened fire at his car and he received multiple bullet wounds. Police said they mistook the 21-year-old student's car for that of a fleeing robber but his father claims they intentionally targeted him over a previous verbal altercation.