Prince Charles Thanks President Alvi For Sending Him 'Very Tasty' Pakistani Mangoes

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales while describing the Pakistani mangoes as 'very tasty' has thanked President Dr Arif Alvi for sending the gift of mangoes.

Prince Charles in a letter addressed to President Alvi said he and his wife were appreciative of the excellent gift, a statement issued by the President’s Media Office here on Tuesday said.

According to APP, Prince Charles, in his letter, expressed his happiness on receiving the gift of the best Pakistani mangoes. The president under the ‘mango diplomacy’ had sent Pakistani mangoes as gifts to the heads of states of various countries.

Pakistan produced more than 1.5 million tonnes of mangoes in 2019 -- and exported a record 115,000 tonnes worth $80 million -- making it the sixth-largest exporter of the fruit in the world.

In July, AFP reported that dwindling harvests, drooping demand and export supply chains hit by the coronavirus are biting into Pakistan's mango industry, with producers of the prized fruit battling to weather a disastrous season.

Across Pakistan's mango belt" in Punjab and Sindh provinces, farmers say a long winter and changing rain patterns have slashed production by up to half this year -- just as virus shutdowns sparked border restrictions and spiralling export costs.

"There are multiple problems that mango farmers are facing," said Rana Muhammad Azim, whose family has been producing the fruit in Punjab for generations.

"The situation is extremely worrisome for us. The mangoes are ready, but no exporter is willing to take the risk and place orders," he said, adding that he was already suffering from a 40 percent decline in the harvest.


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