Land Grabber Taji Khokhar’s Son Arrested On Terror Charges

Land grabber Taji Khokar's son Imtiaz Khokar was arrested for violating the Fourth Schedule of Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) on Tuesday after he held a public gathering.

An FIR was registered against Imtiaz Khokhar by police sub-inspector (SI) Arshad Kaleem, in the Airport police station.  Farrukh Imtiaz Khokhar is the son of Imtiaz Ali Khokar more commonly known as Taji Khokhar. The complaint registered under terrorism chargers stated that Imtiaz was found violating the fourth schedule of the ATA. Both Imtiaz and his father have been placed on the fourth schedule since October 2018, by the Rawalpindi police.

According to the ATA, those who are placed on the fourth schedule cannot leave their districts without informing the police and have to submit surety bonds to the authorities. Such individuals cannot be issued a passport as they are forbidden to exit the country, they cannot possess arms license, and any weapons that they may have must be submitted to the police. Lastly, they are restricted from having public gatherings.

According to the FIR Imtiaz was found violating this aspect of the fourth schedule. It states that the police sub-inspector and his officers were conducting their regular patrols on 14th of September when they received information that Imtiaz Khokhar who was residing at Lulial at the time had gathered a large number of people in front of his residence.

The FIR states that Imtiaz had gathered the people under the pretext of a medical camp. Various pictures and videos of the gathering have been found on social media as proof. According to sources, Taji Khokhar and his son Imtiaz have been placed at the top of the terror watch list.