John Abraham Asks Indians To Stop Stereotyping Pakistanis

John Abraham Asks Indians To Stop Stereotyping Pakistanis
Indian actor John Abraham has asked compatriots to stop stereotyping Pakistanis and change their ways of thinking.

During trailer launching ceremony of his film ‘Romeo, Akbar, Walter’, John Abraham was asked about the ongoing Pakistan-Indian tensions. He said that Indian celebrities who were supporting war and anti-Pakistan rhetoric need to stop because they do not know the entire details.

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'We Need To Change The Way We Think'

“Until they or we know all the details about the situation, we should refrain from passing judgements. We also need to stop stereotyping Pakistanis because it is not like all of them are terrorists. We need to change the way we think,” John said.

He also said that he would say what he believes in and would never talk to please anyone.

“I do not say things to please people. I say what I believe in. The only war that should happen is against terrorism and not against any nation. The way Indians see Pakistanis is dangerous and needs to stop,” John Abraham said.

Sonu Nigam Asks Indian Media To Stop Warmongering

Last week, Indian singer Sonu Nigam urged the Indian media to refrain from celebrating ‘war and deaths’ because people on both sides of the border were dying and that was nothing to be proud of. He also said that war-mongering must stop.

Tensions between Pakistan and India are high since the Pulwama Attack on February 14. Keeping in view the political tensions between the two countries, the Indian film board banned Pakistani artists from performing in the country.

Last week, Indian jets entered Pakistan’s airspace but left payload near Balakot during a hasty escape. Also last week, 2 Indian jets were shot down the day after Balakot Attack by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was arrested but released two days later as peace gesture.

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