Lal Masjid's Abdul Aziz Forcibly Takes Over E-7 Seminary In Islamabad

Lal Masjid's Abdul Aziz Forcibly Takes Over E-7 Seminary In Islamabad
Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz on Monday took over a seminary, Jamia Fareedia, in Sector E-7 of Islamabad, prompting the police to blockade the routes leading towards the school.

According to a report in Dawn, the cleric took over the seminary office on Monday, after which he led morning prayers and announced that the seminary’s principal, Maulana Abdul Ghaffar, had been removed.

The report said that a protest was held after occupation which led the police to block the road towards the seminary.

Though the administration denies the possibility of violence, the report quoted police officials saying that well-equipped police personnel, including the Counter-Terrorism Force, Anti-Terrorism Squad, and Anti-Riot Unit, were deployed around the seminary shortly after Aziz moved there from Jamia Hafsa.

Aziz's nephew reportedly said that the seminary was built by his grandfather and by that right it now belonged to his uncle Aziz. He alleged that the government was helping Ghaffar to remove Aziz from the premises.

According to the report, there were only a handful of seminary students and staff at Jamia Fareedia or any other seminary because of the closure of educational institutions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The occupation came a month after Aziz entered into an agreement with the government. According to the agreement, Maulana Abdul Aziz will move into Jamia Hafsa for two months after which all restrictions on his movement will be lifted. After the two months, he will be free to travel at will across the country.

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