Ex General Says Military Wants 'Immediate Resolution' Of Governance Crisis

A former army general Tuesday conveyed that the military is unanimous in its opinion that the government must immediately resolve the issues facing the masses.

"All serving and retired military high-ups agree that the country must take a turn for good and become prosperous," analyst Gen (r) Naeem Khalid Lodhi told News One host, Shahid Matela, when asked if his thoughts are supported by the military. "They all want the civil society to play its role, for the country to become prosperous and for the government to deliver at the doorsteps of the masses." He, however, denied that he was in contact with any of the top military leadership.

To a question regarding the Constitution, Gen (r) Lodhi said the Constitution should be guaranteeing people their right to live with integrity and have their wealth in safe hands. He added it should punish those who don't safeguard the honor of the people despite being mandated to do so. It should also ensure a uniform education system and ensure that there are no drugs available on campuses, he maintained.

On June 30, while speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan dismissed the ‘minus one’ notion, saying they (opposition) doesn’t know that even of that happens, the ‘others’ will not spare them, thought he didn’t make a direct reference.