ANP Leader Says Govt Receiving Money For Coronavirus Deaths

ANP Leader Says Govt Receiving Money For Coronavirus Deaths
President Awami National Party (ANP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, Aimal Wali Khan, has said that the government is receiving Rs25 lakh against each coronavirus dead patient.

Aimal Wali, while talking to a media briefing, said: “Coronavirus is eating people elsewhere, but here we are eating coronavirus. I can’t discuss the results of the coronavirus tests that the government has been conducting. The [health authorities] have been directed that there should be at least three to four positive tests out of 40 tests.”

The ANP leader went on to say that the government is receiving Rs2,500,000 for each coronavirus mortality. “That is why people aren’t admitting their family members in the hospitals out of fear. They believe that the doctors are injecting poison in the infected patients to label them as coronavirus dead,” he added.

Earlier, religious scholar Kokab Noorani had propagated this dangerous conspiracy theory by accusing the doctors of killing COVID-19 patients 'intentionally' for donations. He urged his followers not to visit any hospital at all but take precautionary measures to avoid contracting the deadly coronavirus.

The religious scholar, while addressing a number of people in a mosque located in Karachi, had said that the doctors were diagnosing every patient with the disease and putting them on ventilator. “You wouldn’t be able to come back home, if you visit any hospital. It is because they [doctors] are getting paid to kill you. They wouldn’t even let your family see you,” he said, advising the people to take precautionary measures to combat the pandemic.

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