PM Imran Held Secret Meeting With Jahangir Tareen, Listened To His Grievances: Report

PM Imran Held Secret Meeting With Jahangir Tareen, Listened To His Grievances: Report
Prime Minister Imran Khan reportedly held a secret meeting with estranged Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen last month. Senior journalist Talat Hussain claimed that all matters that were said to have been settled in Jahanir Tareen group's meeting with the PM were actually settled in the secret meeting between Tareen and the PM. He further said that the Tareen-Imran meeting took place before the Tareen group's meeting with the prime minister.

A third person whose identity is not known was also present in the meeting, Talat Hussain said. Resentments were expressed from both sides during the meeting and Imran Khan said that Jahangir Tareen could have played a better role during the sugar crisis and that acting against him over the issue was inevitable. To this, Jahangir Tareen said that he does not control the market dynamics and he is not the only sugar mill owner even if he has the largest share. "If sugar price is increasing in market, the government should control market dynamic instead of going after people who worked so much for the party and introduced transparency in business," Tareen reportedly said to the PM.

Both agreed to work towards easing the tensions and vowed not to issue statements against each other and handle the differences privately.

Talat Hussain further reported that at the time of action against Jahangir Tareen, the anti-Tareen group in the party had reinforced the image that he should be acted against after which Imran khan decided to file FIRs against him. During the meeting between the PM and Tareen, issues pertaining to FIRs against the latter were also discussed. The PM agreed to ask Ali Zafar to review the cases and the criminal cases against Tareen will likely be revisited, Talat claimed.

Further, Talat revealed that it was decided in the meeting that Jahangir Tareen's group will remain intact but won't violate party discipline.