Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza To Release Video On Claims Of Arrest: Sources

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza To Release Video On Claims Of Arrest: Sources
Islamic scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has received an outpouring of support on social media, even as opponents accuse him of incitement to violence. In the aftermath of the First Information Report (FIR) and the unconfirmed reports of his arrest on social media, his supporters have taken to Facebook and Twitter calling for his release and highlighting what they see as his positive impact on religious discourse in the country.

Naya Daur has learned from sources close to Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza that the outspoken scholar will release a video later today, in which he will explain the charges against him, as well as clarify his situation vis-a-vis the authorities and his critics. Meanwhile, #EngineerMuhammadAliMirza remained the number 1 hashtag on Pakistani Twitter today, followed by #releaseMirzaAliEngineer at number 3. Supporters claim that the charges against him are a sign of shrinking space in Pakistan for any critical commentary.

A clip is circulating on social media in which, critics allege, he had called for violence against various religious figures. His supporters say that this short clip is entirely removed from its true context. They point out that he often provides extreme-sounding examples for the sake of argument.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza had achieved a large following over the past few years due to his lectures on various topics from Islamic jurisprudence, social issues and politics. He has become known for his sharp style of polemics and outspoken criticism of what he sees as weak arguments by a number of mainstream religious figures in South Asia. Some of his harshest criticism is reserved for those who, in his view, promote sectarian or divisive beliefs by various religious clerics. His comments have stirred controversy in the past, with various religious speakers releasing videos purporting to “expose” him.

He is reported to have survived an assassination attempt once before.

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