Wife of another soldier killed in Pulwama attack demands proof of Balakot ‘casualties’

Wife of another soldier killed in Pulwama attack demands proof of Balakot ‘casualties’
Geeta Devi, wife of another soldier was killed in Pulwama attack on February 14, has demanded that the government should provide evidence of casualties from Indian airstrikes in Pakistan’s Balakot.

“As evidence, we have received the bodies of our jawans after Pulwama attack, but there is no such evidence of the airstrikes in Pakistan,” she told Times of India.

The sister of the killed soldier also asked for the evidence from the government.

“If there are claims that over 300 people were killed, then some evidence should be provided. How do we believe that the strike occurred and terrorists died?” she questioned, adding that these claims could be “false” too.

“If government claims that they have avenged the killed soldiers, then they should provide the proof of it,” said the mother of the soldier.

A week ago, a widow of another killed soldier also demanded proof.

Following Pulwama attack, Indian Air Force intruded Pakistan’s airspace and claimed to have killed “300 militants” in Balakot. However, Pakistan has denied the claims, saying that India had hit nothing but trees in the area. Narendra Modi government is yet to provide any evidence.

Earlier, Reuters obtained high-resolution satellite images that show that the building, which India has claimed to bomb after intruding into Pakistan’s airspace, is still standing, casting further doubts on the legitimacy of India’s claims.

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