'Women get it done on them for fame': Javed Sheikh slammed over insensitive MeToo remarks

'Women get it done on them for fame': Javed Sheikh slammed over insensitive MeToo remarks
Veteran actor Javed Sheikh has put himself in hot waters with his rather insensitive take on the Me Too movement.

The Me Too movement, which has inspired thousands of women across the world to speak out against harassment, does not sit well with the veteran actor.

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In an interview with Dawn, Sheikh said that women get ‘Me Too done on them’ just for fame.

“The #MeToo movement has given rise to a lot of stories just to gain fame. We don’t know if the accused is really the accused. There is no evidence. See where there is a man and a woman, things are bound to happen,” Javed said.

He added that genuine cases should be heard and if someone is being harassed, they should take the issue to the higher authorities. ‘Keeping quite won’t help anyone,’ he added.

While he is right in saying that keeping quite won’t help anyone, he did gather social media backlash for his remarks that women get Me Too ‘done’ on them.

People are clearly not happy



Others are just surprised at the actor's remarks


is a reality and ignorant interpretations such as yours are just what's wrong with people born in dark ages or raised by people from the same'


'Most people in the industry and otherwise will speak inappropriately about . Mainly because it hasn’t been anyone’s priority to create safe environments for women'


'Absolutely disgusted'


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