Balochistan Govt Extends Lockdown Till May 19

Balochistan Govt Extends Lockdown Till May 19
The Balochistan government has decided to extend the lockdown till May 19, in light of the surge in coronavirus cases in the province. To prevent the contagion, there will be strict measures taken to encourage social distancing and isolation, government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani said.

In a tweet, on Tuesday, he said, “#COVIDー19 rapidly spreading in #Balochistan. The only medicine & solution so far has proven to be #Isolation #SocialDistancing and #lockdown.”

The Balochistan government had earlier warned that it would extend the lockdown due to the rise in cases.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal had said that the number of locally-transmitted cases in the province were increasing slowly but that lockdown restrictions could only be eased if people cooperated with the government.

It was through random testing that the Balochistan health department learned that the locally transmitted cases had increased, he said.

"Our testing capacity is improving so we're conducting more tests," Kamal had added, stating that a lot needed to be done to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will also be chairing a cabinet meeting today which will decide if the lockdown should be eased for the prevention of a complete economic fallout, as he had announced earlier.

As of today, Pakistan has recorded more than 21,000 cases of the coronavirus with above 450 deaths, nationwide.

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